Elements of Surprise

As an artist I find myself drawn to shape and form and texture. I find the juxtaposition of organic forms against the rigid geometric form, as in the play of metal wire against a natural element, extremely appealing. I strive to create a fluid or playful form from the rigid wire and stone or glass.

I enjoy the challenge of seeing possibilities in elements that we take for granted. I like the idea of taking a surprising element like a sea-worn piece of shell or weathered glass as the base for some of my pieces. However, sometimes the clean look of shiny glass or a gemstone cab is what is needed for the piece I have in mind.

I usually create spontaneously, inspired by the look and feel of the base element being used. Sometimes it is the look and feel of the glass or shell while other times the wire dictates what the piece will become. Sometimes it is close to what I imagined and other times it is totally different. I have no preconceived notions as to what it will look like other than a vague image. I let the wire guide me -- it seems to have mind of its own. Color and texture are important in the overall piece. I try to play these up as much as possible to get the effect that I feel will best complement the piece.

Most of my pieces use a variety of elements and texture. Glass against metal, metal against shell, I like the idea that you need to reach out and touch it to completely "experience" a piece. Wearable art is truly an experience to be touched and not just seen.

Lee Richards, Metalsmith
Dzignz On You